New investment opportunities: estate with vineyards on the French Riviera

Investing in wine projects and buying land is becoming more and more popular today. Athletes, artists, major industrialists are investing huge sums in this industry, because they see great potential in it. For example, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased the estate and castle of Miraval (Château Miraval) in the south of France in Provence. They are actively engaged in the production of wine, as evidenced by the creation of their own brand of wine. There are many such examples today …

Entrepreneurs are investing in this industry not only for profit, but also for the sake of increasing prestige: after all, they will be able to get membership in well-known wine-making clubs, which are very difficult to join. 
In the heart of Provence, 40 min. drive from Cannes, 20 min. – from Saint-Tropez and 1 hour. – from Nice, there is a large estate for sale , which has been in winemaking for more than 300 years, starting from the 18th century.
The total area of ​​the estate is 85 hectares, of which 45 hectares are covered by forests, 40 hectares are vineyards surrounded by hills, due to which a special favorable climate is created for growing high quality grapes and producing AOC wine (Control of authenticity of origin). The peculiarity of the soil and climatic conditions determine the pronounced aromatic qualities of the wine, subtle and long-lasting aftertaste.   
The estate is among the 30 most famous estates in Provence. Since the 80s, the wine from its winery is widely known and popular among the people of Provence. In addition, this wine is the choice of many gastronomic restaurants, as well as regularly receives the most prestigious awards and medals, both in France and abroad.
The annual average wine productivity is approximately 90,000 bottles. 
At the same time, the equipment allows for the production of up to 350,000 bottles per year. Recently, renovations have been made: the installation of new equipment (tanks, press, etc.), the reconstruction of vineyards and the construction of a hall for tastings.

Responsibility for monitoring the vineyards, as well as for the production of wine has recently been shifted to the Cabinet d’agronomie Provençale – professionals in this business. 
 On the estate there is a winery, staff house, tasting room, guest parking, security house, as well as the main owner’s house with a swimming pool. The total area of ​​residential and business premises is more than 3000 sq.m. There is an opportunity for expansion.
This object, located in an environmentally clean area, allows you to engage not only directly in winemaking activities, but also to develop other related areas, such as eco-tourism and wine tourism. According to recent research, the market for wine tourism in France is represented by 7 million people. Consequently, there is a high potential for the development of this sphere. 
The purchase of land has always been, is and will be a reliable investment of money. It should be borne in mind that today there is a tendency in the world to reduce the amount of free land to buy. 
Cost: 14,900,000 euros (the price includes the estate and the enterprise for commercial activities).

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