Elite real estate of world capitals: Paris VS. Petersburg


Paris . This criterion is considered the main feature of “elitism” in Paris. The district and even the quarter within the district are important, which, in turn, is due to the densely populated metropolis. The most prestigious areas are considered to be 6, 7, 8 and 16 districts. The 6th arrondissement is famous for its numerous attractions and the famous Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter. The 7th (on its territory is the Eiffel Tower) and the 8th arrondissement constitute the political center of the city. In the 16th district there are prestigious residential complexes surrounded by green squares with wide avenues. 

Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, territorial selectivity is similar. Luxury housing in the northern capital is located in the historic center with a high concentration of attractions. The area of ​​the “Golden Triangle” (within the embankment of the Neva, Fontanka and Nevsky Prospect) and the Smolny Cathedral in some sense can be considered analogs of the 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris. There are in St. Petersburg and their “green areas” – Krestovsky and Stone Islands, which are considered the center of wealthy citizens.

Signs of the elite quarter of 

Paris . For Paris, such signs are: 

    – developed infrastructure 
    – green areas / parks 
    – beautiful views from the windows 
    – neighborhood, which implies an environment similar to each other in social status. 

Petersburg . In the central part of St. Petersburg there are no full-fledged elite quarters, with rare exceptions. The high-end real estate market has the following features: 
– the presence of “green zones” is not decisive here; 
– Residents of luxury homes, as a rule, coexist with “ordinary” citizens, which causes discontent and those and others;
– Much more attention is paid to the “status” of the building or area, proximity to the historical center or government. 


Paris . In Paris, real estate is expensive in itself, but an apartment can be considered elite, the cost of which is close to 10 million euros.

In 2010-2011, prices for luxury real estate in Paris showed a strong increase. When the increase in the cost per square meter overcame all possible forecasts, the experts announced a subsequent decrease or, at a minimum, price stabilization. This year this trend has been demonstrated by the market. In the first months of 2012, prices remained stable. However, in the second quarter, the cost per square meter went up again. According to statistics for the 2nd quarter, prices rose by 6% in 5, 6 and 7 districts. At the same time, over the same period, prices per square meter in 1, 2, 3 and 4 districts decreased by about 2%. In the remaining districts, prices rose from 0.5 to 2.5%. In any case, prices in elite areas, at least, do not fall, and sometimes even increase. 

Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, the expensive housing market in the center revived only in 2012: since the beginning of the year, prices have increased by an average of 10%. In 2010-2011, the cost of luxury apartments, on the contrary, decreased quite noticeably, due to the post-crisis trends and the lingering wait-and-see attitude of buyers in this segment. The cost threshold for a luxury apartment in St. Petersburg is very blurred. Most often, experts call the amount of about a million euros. However, this does not mean that less expensive objects can not claim the proud title of luxury real estate.

Luxury home outside 

Paris . Elite real estate in Paris can be not only in historic buildings, but also in modern buildings in the most prestigious areas of the center. There are very few such houses in Paris. Places for modern building stand out mainly outside the historic center. At the same time, new buildings that meet the high quality requirements of housing, offering large areas of apartments and necessarily parking spaces can be considered super elite if they have a good location.

However, most of all in Paris are valued historical houses, well-preserved features of a past era. These are Ottoman mansions of the late XIX-early XX century, which preserved not only the spirit of antiquity, but also the solemn atmosphere of the palace interiors. In most cases, the area of ​​such apartments starts from 200 square meters. m. Such apartments can occupy the floor or even most of the mansion. The most popular Ottoman mansions in this segment are in excellent condition. Often, even stacked parquets, massive doors with carved handles, fireplaces and other details of historic interiors are preserved. Russian buyers are happy to consider options for luxury apartments that once belonged to famous people. Of course, demand creates supply, and such facilities are offered at a deliberately inflated price.

Petersburg . Construction in the historic part of St. Petersburg is almost stopped. Projects close to the central part of the city with good specific characteristics are also the most demanded. Most of the luxury apartment offers are among the reconstructed old stock in the city center. At the same time, the “deterioration” of the houses themselves, the area of ​​apartments, the layouts, the environment and other characteristics can vary greatly. Detached historical mansions are super exclusive objects and are not on the market in an open offer.

Luxury home in 

paris . Modern security system, management company and concierge services – a standard set of services of any elite object in Paris. As for the area, the historical real estate in the expensive areas of the French capital was originally designed in a big way: the level of architecture in the old mansions implies large areas. The value of each such object consists precisely in preserving the spirit of antiquity to the maximum, while harmoniously fitting modern comfort conditions into the interior. 

Petersburg. Speaking about the conditions of comfortable living in St. Petersburg, it is difficult to summarize those offered by housing in a reconstructed old fund. Buyers can be offered both housing in an entirely reconstructed residential complex (in a rare case), and separate apartments in an old house with various inconveniences — worn communications, unequipped common areas. New housing in the mandatory order has a standard set of services. Deliberate luxury and baroque pretentiousness are frequent design elements of the inhabitants of elite apartments, along with modern solutions. 
Surroundings and Neighborhood 

Paris. We can note the tendency of growth in demand from the Russians, as well as citizens of the countries of the Middle East to the segment of luxury housing in Paris, which undoubtedly affects the quality of the offers. 

The concept of “elitism” in France is not the same as in Russia, so the “crossing of contingents” is impossible here. Strong variation in property prices also regulates the neighborhood. Therefore, in one block, as a rule, there are no “extra” people. 

In Paris, rich and educated people tend to live in one place for many years and generations. During this time, here, as in more accessible areas of the city, certain “castes” are formed, which feel comfortable in such a neighborhood. 

Petersburg. In the “Golden Triangle” of St. Petersburg in one house neighbors of status owners of elite housing may be inhabitants of communal apartments. Multilevel contingent is one of the obvious shortcomings of apartments in the reconstructed fund of the city center. The area of ​​Krestovsky and Kamenny Islands is more socially homogeneous.


Paris . The presence of parking, of course, makes the object more interesting and, as a result, more expensive. But, if there is no parking, as, for example, in many elite houses in the center of Paris, then there is simply nowhere to build it. Therefore, often in Paris, the availability of parking is a determining factor when choosing a property. 

Petersburg . Even for elite facilities in St. Petersburg, there is a shortage of parking spaces. This applies to housing in the historic center and in new buildings. If in Paris, for example, underground car parks are quite common, in St. Petersburg the lack of such car parks, as well as the lack of warm car parks in winter, is a real problem.

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