10 facts about real estate in Paris

For many years, the French capital remains a dream city for millions of people from all over the world. Someone wants to find love here, someone is sent to get an education, someone is going to have a rest … We are interested in Paris real estate lovers, who are more than enough. For them, we have prepared a new useful and entertaining material!

Square meter of housing in Paris at the end of 2008 cost € 8180, and at the end of 2014 – € 7850. The crisis has not bypassed  the real estate market of the French capital. And, unlike London, which has long dignal and surpassed the price records set in 2008, Paris cannot yet recover. 

So far, we only dream of Camembert! But how nice it is to count square meters in Paris per kilograms of French sanctioned cheese. 

It is interesting that the elite real estate market in Paris has not only fully recovered since the crisis, but also reached new heights. Since 2008, the average cost per square meter has increased by € 4,000. 

The people’s salary is 400,000 rubles, or about €5300 per month. And according to the latest data, in order to save the salaries of the deputies they decided to cut by 10%, so now it will be even more difficult to save money on an apartment in Paris. 

And in the dwarf state of Monaco, which is inextricably linked with France, the same money will suffice only 17 square meters. 

Not Versailles, of course, but there are all the conditions to feel like a little nobleman. A large plot of land with its own pond and forest is attached to a spacious renovated mansion . 

This is the highest indicator of the presence of foreign investors in the real estate market in Paris over the past 15 years.

Paris is notorious for high rental rates and tight flats. Even Parisians often complain about modest housing footage. But amid such an active increase in prices, the minimum number of square meters may be the only way to make rented apartments more affordable. 

For the same amount you can buy two tickets for an excursion to the Palace of Versailles, and then buy and drink a bottle of cheap wine and eat a croissant. 

This is not so little. At the very least, the average Russian can rent a Paris micro apartment with an area of ​​8 square meters. And the surrender remains. But such housing in the French capital is becoming more and more. 
A small apartment of 48 sq.m.in the bourgeois suburbs of Paris, the simple Russian will have to postpone more than a dozen years. Here you will surely find an option that is ideal for you. 

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